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ALOFT offers you well over 100 full length, quality instructional and advisory videos from true industry professionals through the beauty of internet access. And unlike before, now the entire library of ALOFT is accessible on your phone or laptop no matter where you are or whenever you want to watch them provided you have an internet connection.

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Featuring the Talents of:

  • Rhiannon Abla
  • ‘Tope Abulude, CBA
  • Zoe Adams-Jones, CBA
  • Lea Beck, CBA
  • Asi Cohen
  • Anthony Cooper
  • Sam Cremeens
  • Natasha Diaz
  • Joshua Dirks
  • Allison Dunning, CBA
  • Grelcel Esparza, CBA
  • Robbie Furman
  • Brian & Christina Getz
  • Jennifer Grey
  • Daniel Haukkson
  • Jeff “The Uncanny” Hayes
  • Lily Jimenez
  • Steven Jones
  • Jeff Kelly
  • Vicky Kimble, CBA
  • Mary Lou Kunka
  • Shannon & Rozzia Lambert
  • Gary Ledbetter
  • Anthony Lena
  • Jimmy Leo
  • Lia Leottau
  • Debby & Judy Levi, CBAs
  • Matt Lewis, CBA
  • Irina Lobonova
  • Dante Longhi, CBA
  • Stephanie Marquardt
  • Wes Martin, CBI
  • Anne McGovern, CBA
  • Lisa McIntire
  • Tonya McNeill
  • Tony Moncada, CBA
  • Colin Myles, CBA
  • Jackie Ochitwa, CBA
  • Flavia Oleniewski, CBA
  • Eduardo Ortiz
  • Marlys Parra, CBA
  • Jenny Porter, CBA
  • Elizabeth Randau Alexa Rivera
  • Gaby Rivera
  • Brook Rogers
  • Effie Roman, CBA
  • Jill Shortreed, CBA
  • Patty Sorell, CBA
  • S Frank Stringham
  • Lisa Swiger, CBA
  • Monica Torrero
  • Carolyn Truby, CBA
  • Cody Williams, CBA
  • Alison Vasconcelos
  • Robin Veach
  • Amy Cullen, CBA
  • Melissa Vinson CBA
  • Jessica Zillman
  • Lamar Allen, CBA

with more names and more talent being added EVERY MONTH!

Plus you’ll enjoy exclusive podcasts with Steven Jones, Dawn Girtman and Claudia Paloma AND special discounts to FLOAT events and functions! (Dawn and Claudia podcasts starting in late 2023)

All of this for one ridiculously low price. And now you can join for either a full year and get the lowest possible monthly rate or sign up short term for six months and fork out less money. Either way, we are here to offer you the best in online video education. Because no one helps you rise above your competition like ALOFT.