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Looking to make a name for yourself? OK, maybe you just want to try and win free stuff? Either way, we’re good with it…check out the latest FLOAT inspired contests just for you!

The “Frequent FLOATEE Design Challenge” for June 2024

Presented by Bargain Balloons

Theme: “Graduations”

Design Medium: Balloon Arches

Get your mortarboards in motion, folks…because this next Design Challenge truly channels the season!

Yes, FLOAT’s popular photography submission contest has now gone monthly, and in June 2024, contestants are asked to show off their best graduation designs that involve the iconic decor element that started it all…the balloon arch.

Here are the contest rules:

1. Anyone in the professional balloon world can enter this contest; unlike the FLOATEE Awards at the FLOAT Convention, there is no requirement of past involvement in FLOAT or FLOAT’s support events order to enter. However, sponsors and that were part of FLOAT 2024 are ineligible to enter, as well as anyone who served as an official member of the FLOAT 2024 crew. FLOAT faculty members ARE eligible to enter as long as they are not salaried employees of sponsors or vendors from FLOAT 2024.

2. There is no charge for anyone to enter this contest, but with that in mind, contestants are limited to ONE entry and one entry only. Anyone submitting multiple designs will be disqualified, so please put your focus into one piece.

3. While only one entry is permitted, contestants may submit as many as five (5) images of the same piece, in order to show different angles or aspects of the design.

4. All entries MUST be received by no later than June 28th, 2024, in order to be eligible. However, there is no timeline requirement for the creation of your entry, so designs or creations that were made before June 1st, 2024, may be submitted without penalty.

5. Submitted entries should be free of any company branding on them, nor should they include any images of people who may be recognized by the judging panel. If an entrant wants only branded versions of their photos posted, they should consider sending two versions of the entry photos, one with branding that we may post and one without for the judging process.

6. Entries must be submitted to [email protected] on or before June 28th, 2024. FLOAT cannot and will not allow for any late entries, including for reasons such as internet outages, heavy work schedules, travel plans and the like. Clients don’t accept your decor the day after their event, do they? Neither do we…

7. Entries may not use any copyrighted or trademarked designs, concepts or images without expressed written permission. This includes the use of licensed characters, corporation logos and in this case, school logos that are not part of licensed products and the like. The exception to this is the use of licensed products used in the design; because such permission is issued through the purchase of a licensed balloon or item, that would be allowed. Anyone wishing to create a copyrighted, trademarked or owned design or concept must submit written approval for such use on or before June 28th, 2024, in order for it to be accepted.

8. In this case and for the sake of this competition, an “arch” is defined as a balloon decor creation designed for people to walk beneath or through. In addition, for the purposes of this competition, all entries must be SELF-SUPPORTED concepts, either through framework or by helium. GARLAND CONCEPTS THAT ARE SOLELY SUPPORTED THROUGH RIGGING, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER PEOPLE CAN WALK THROUGH THEM OR NOT ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THIS COMPETITION. Demi-arches or half-arch concepts are permitted as long as they are self-supporting designs and again, not held up by rigging techniques.

8a. Any photos submitted where the background is removed digitally will NOT be accepted in the contest. Artists who choose to enter this challenge need to show that their design goes in line with the rules.

9. All entries must adhere to the design concept of “graduation,” meaning that it is a celebration around someone that has completed a level of education and has completed their education or are progressing to a new level of education. This means that elementary, middle school and kindergarten “moving up ceremonies” are also included in this category. Entries submitted that fail to follow the theme will be disqualified.

10. Please note that the focus of this contest is on the design of the arch. While entrants may include supplemental balloon work as part of the background or overall presentation of the design, the arch element is considered the most important part of the entry and that aspect is what will ultimately be judged.

11. There is no rule against using pre-fabricated arch kits or other framed concepts that already exist in the event world. However, anything not regularly used in the event world as an arch frame should be approved by the FLOAT judging panel before proceeding.

12. Anyone submitting an entry in this contest agrees to allow FLOAT the right to add their information to our general email list as well as gives us permission to post photos of their work for marketing purposes.

13. Designs will be judged based on cleanliness, originality and overall composition. In this case with three prizes eligible, FLOAT management will determine the top five (5) finalists. Then a panel of five (5) anonymous judges will determine which of the top five finalists are declared first, second and third.

14. Entries will only be judged on the quality of the work completed. Any supplemental content or “back stories” pertaining to the design where the design needs to be explained somehow will be disregarded for this contest.

15. Three (3) prizes will be awarded in total:

First Place – $150 credit line with Bargain Balloons

Second Place – $100 credit line with Bargain Balloons

Third Place – $50 credit line with Bargain Balloons

All values are in US dollars. Credits are for items sold by Bargain Balloons, and is not eligible for use on shipping charges, taxes, special orders or anything other than regularly stocked merchandise.

16. All prizes have been provided by Bargain Balloons. No substitutions for prizes will be permitted, including cash options. All prize collection is between Bargain Balloons and the winners of the challenge. FLOAT will not be held responsible for any issues between the winners of this challenge and Bargain Balloons should any arise.

Any additional questions should be directed to [email protected].