Want to show off design skills before the big day? Want to win free stuff? Then look no further, because FLOAT has fun contests in store for you!

Get Your Face on a FLOAT Pops Trading Card

Want to live forever in the history of FLOAT? Want to relive your childhood as a trading card? Want people to seek you out for your autograph? Then you’ll want to see your mug featured on a Pops Trading Card!
Here are the rules:
1. You MUST be registered for FLOAT 2024 as an academic delegate only. FLOAT Crew, sponsors, vendors and instructors are not eligible for this contest. Also if you have already been featured on a FLOAT Pops card, you will are not eligible either.
2. All eligible names of FLOAT 2024 delegates will be assigned a number on a spread sheet for designation purposes for this contest.
3. For ten (10) consecutive Sundays starting on April 2, 2023 during the weekly “Step Chat” broadcast, FLOAT will use an online random number generator to select two (2) names from those eligible in the contest. The website will be displayed live during the broadcast so all watching can see the numbers chosen. FLOAT will then announce the name assigned to that number on the broadcast.
4. If it is determined that the name selected is not eligible to win the prize, then another name will be selected that evening during the same broadcast.
5. The winner then has two (2) weeks from the drawing to claim their prize. In order to claim the prize, this means they must provide FLOAT with the photo they would like to use on the card, their brief bio and a fun fact about themselves. Failure to work within the two week timeline may mean forfeiture of the prize.
6. The winner also has the right to refuse to participate in the contest should they be chosen. However, no other prize substitutions will be given if that occurs.
7. Cash value of this contest is 1/20th of one cent US. 
8. In the event of unclaimed or disregarded selections, a special drawing will be held following the ten week series to fill the empty spots. Should that occur, winners will have to be watching the broadcast live and accept the prize that night in order to win.
9. While FLOAT will make every effort to ensure that you will get at least one copy of your own card should you win, the ultimate decision on this sits with Pops Trading Cards.
10. Those registered for FLOAT 2024 can secure additional chances in the contest by purchasing packs of FLOAT 2022 Pops Cards through the FLOAT Orange Store. For every pack of cards purchased, entries will receive five (5) additional chances in the drawing. 
11. FLOAT reserves the rights to make adjustments or changes to this contest as needed.
12. Additional questions about this contest should be directed to