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General Questions

I’ve heard that FLOAT is not a convention for brand new balloon people. Is that true?
Yes. We do recommend that you have been in business for at least a year or two before considering registering for FLOAT. However, we do not discriminate against people with less experience, but you should be warned that the faculty at FLOAT are instructed to direct any question raised during class considered “slowing the material down” to be answered after class has ended. This way the rest of the students are not held up from the level of material being covered.
Are my family members allowed to attend the convention with me?

Yes and no. If you wish to bring any immediate family member aged 13 and older with you to FLOAT, he or she may attend the following events at no cost to you:

  • Friday Night Fun
  • Competition Viewing Spaces
  • Club L8X Karaoke Party
  • Opening Night “FLOATchella”
  • The FLOAT Beach Party

At no time is anyone 13 or older permitted in any classroom or the Vendor Showcase unless they are fully registered for the convention. If you wish for that person 13 or older to enter any of these spaces, then you will need to register them as a full academic delegate for FLOAT 2024.

If you wish to bring an immediate family member to the Designer Awards Gala, the cost for this is $99.00 for anyone 13 years or older and $25 for anyone from age 2 to 12.

Children under the age of 13 are permitted in the classrooms and Vendor Showcase under the conditions that:

A. They are being supervised by you and are physically with you in the same classroom
B. They are not behaving in a manner that is distracting to other students
C. FLOAT reserves the right to ask a parent to remove a child from a classroom should we get complaints that the child is being disruptive in the classroom
D. Children are still subject to the ticket prices for the Designer Awards Gala

Are pets allowed at FLOAT?
FLOAT doesn’t allow our own actual animal mascot to attend, so neither can yours. Any and all pets should be left at home, including those deemed “comfort animals.”

This rule does not apply to an animal who is licensed as a “trained service animal” for those with physical disabilities. They are, however, limited to dogs only and will require all legal and medical documentation necessary.

Will FLOAT be offering a virtual option in 2024?
The costs associated with putting all of FLOAT’s academic elements online are simply too great compared to the amount of demand for this. FLOAT will, however, be video recording ten (10) of our general classes at the convention; these will be available for individual purchase after the convention through the Orange Store here on the FLOAT website. In addition, these classes will be free to all ALOFT premium members for unlimited streaming sometime mid summer 2024. The classes chosen to be recorded will be voted on by those registered for the convention in January 2024 and announced in February 2024.
Am I allowed to audio or video record the classes at FLOAT?

No. You are not allowed to do either at FLOAT. If you are caught recording a class that is in session the following will occur:

  • First Offense – Asked to stop by security
  • Second Offense – You will be asked to leave the classroom and will not be permitted into another classroom that session
  • Third Offense – You will be asked to leave the convention and your registration negated with no refund issued

Exceptions to the rule will be made for individuals who can provide medical documentation for a condition which causes them not to be able to keep notes. This exemption must be cleared in advance of the convention and will not be issued on the spot.

Questions About Registration

How much does it cost to attend FLOAT?

The price of FLOAT varies based on when you register for the convention and where you live. General prices are as follows for those who live in what is considered the Continental United States:

  • March 17 to May 31, 2023 – $550.00
  • June 1 to October 31, 2023 – $599.00
  • November 1 to December 31, 2023 – $650.00
  • January 1 to February 29, 2024 – $699.00
  • March 1 to March 5, 2024 – $799.00

If you reside in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, any other US territory or any other country other than the United States of America, then you are allowed to register for FLOAT 2024 at the international rate of $475.00. That price point expires either on February 5, 2024, or if the convention sells out first.

What is the maximum capacity that FLOAT 2024 can host?
FLOAT’s maximum attendance for 2024 is 900 people. If FLOAT reaches that many attendees, with the combination of delegates, staff members, instructors, sponsors and vendors, then FLOAT will have no choice but to close registrations, whenever the date of this will be.
What’s included in my registration to FLOAT?

A LOT! Here’s what you get

  • Access to all ten (10) general class sessions
  • Access to the Vendor Showcase
  • Access to all five (5) social events, including a ticket to the
  • Designer Awards Gala
  • Access to all of our “Fulcrum” panel discussion conversations
  • Access to all four (4) of our Sponsored Sessions
  • A black and white version of the Academic FLOATBook, containing all the notes from all the general class offerings
  • A 2024 event t-shirt
  • The “FLOAT Tote” welcome bag
  • Access to “The FLOAT Forum,” our exclusive Facebook support group
  • The ability to enter any of the design competitions at FLOAT 2024

Added-value options such as Master and Bonus Classes do require an additional fee

Does FLOAT offer a payment plan for registration fees?
Not at this time. While we are considering bringing the payment plan back for 2026, there is no option for this in 2024.
Are there multi-person discounts available if I want to bring my staff?
No. FLOAT is already priced for maximum ROI for you and your business. We cannot allow additional discounts off our already low price to attend. However, if you are a member of ALOFT, FLOAT’s online streaming program, you and your staff are entitled to a $50 discount off your registration for FLOAT 2024, as long as you apply the coupon code BEFORE registering for the convention.
Are there any other discounts available for FLOAT?
Premium members of ALOFT who have annual memberships are eligible for a $50 discount off their registrations to FLOAT. Otherwise, no, there are no other discounts available.

Questions Regarding Hotel and Travel

Where will FLOAT be taking place?
FLOAT 2024 will be hosted at the Westin Chicago Lombard Hotel in the village of Lombard, Illinois. So while FLOAT is near the city of Chicago, it is not actually being held in Chicago.
What is the closest airport to FLOAT 2024?
Honestly, both O’Hare (ORD) and Midway (MDW) are pretty much equidistant to the FLOAT host hotel. Locals insist that Midway is easier to get in and out of, but not all airlines fly into Midway.
Does the hotel offer a free shuttle from the airports?
No. The Westin Chicago Lombard Hotel is not considered an “airport hotel” since it’s an over 20 minute drive, so no, they do not offer free shuttling. Between cabs, ride share services and shuttle companies, there are plenty of options available to you.
How much is parking at FLOAT?
It’s FREE! The hotel is part of a large shopping and entertainment center, so parking is completely free.
How much is the room rate for FLOAT?
The base rate for FLOAT is $118.00 per night plus tax. However, most of the original room block for FLOAT has been taken at this time. The hotel has offered to give us additional nights, but at a higher rate of $149 per night. We have also secured two additional hotels in the area who have agreed to offer the $118 rate as well, but you will need to look into transportation on your own if you choose to stay there.

That information will be available in the “FLOAT Notes” email series soon (if it’s not already there)

Do the hotel rooms have refrigerators or microwaves?
They do have refrigerators but they do not have microwaves at the host hotel. At this time, we are unsure what facilities are offered at the other hotels that have extended discounts.
What food options are available at the host hotel?
The Westin has two (2) restaurants inside the venue, but both are operated by the same company, so it’s really more like one. There is also a small grab-and-go market style station and a Starbucks, but the grab-and-go tends to sell out quickly and the line for Starbucks can get very long….

There are, however, LOTS of restaurant options in the immediate area and most of them offer delivery if you don’t want to leave the building. And there is a Target department store in the same parking lot as the hotel, so convenience is just a short walk away.

Does the hotel offer mobility scooters?
No, not as an in-house rental. They do have a service they can refer you to, but if you decide at FLOAT that you need a scooter to get around at the convention, it will take time to secure one. So if you think you may need one, please address that before the convention.
Are my hotel or travel expenses included in my registration for FLOAT?
No. If you do the math, there’s no way your registration can possibly cover at least four nights of hotel AND an airline ticket AND the convention fee. This cost would have to be MUCH higher for this to happen.

Questions about Classes at FLOAT

Do we have to pre-enroll for the general classes at FLOAT?
No, pre-enrollment is not required to attend the general classes. However, we have implemented a ticket system to prevent lines from forming in front of each classroom. That system will be in place once again at FLOAT 2024.
How does the ticket system work?

One general line is formed near the registration desk that will lead to a series of tables. Once you reach the front of the line, you will be allowed to select tickets for two (2) classes offered in the next two sessions. Please note; you WILL be asked to select tickets specifically for each session. In other words, if you want Class A and Class B, you will need to choose whether you want to take Class A in session 1 or session 2, and likewise for Class B.

Ticket lines open 45 minutes before the odd numbered class sessions:

Monday, March 11 – 7:15 AM for class sessions #1 and #2
3:15 PM for class sessions #3 and #4

Tuesday, March 12 – 8:15 AM for class sessions #5 and #6
2:15 PM for class sessions #7 and #8

Wednesday, March 13 – 7:15 AM for class sessions #9 and #`10

Am I only allowed to attend the class I have a ticket for in a given session?
No, once the class session has passed the 30 minute mark, you can then pick up and leave and enter any other general class session without a ticket. If you leave a class early before the 30 minute point, you will not be allowed to enter another class room until that 30 minute point is reached.

Also note, by allowing people to come and go, we cannot guarantee you a seat in the classroom you switch to, so you may find yourself standing.

Finally, if you are part of the “Blue Badge” program at FLOAT, if you leave the classroom you are assigned to, you will forfeit your special access seat in the existing classroom you leave and will not be guaranteed a new special access seat in the room you switch to.

What do I need to know if I have a mobility issue or physical disability that requires special needs?
FLOAT offers a “Blue Badge” program that allows delegates with special needs particular benefits at the convention. This includes those delegates who require a physical aide to walk, whether it be cane, wheelchair or scooter, as well as delegates with extreme issues with hearing or vision.

In order to qualify for this program, you MUST submit documentation from your medical professional that outlines your need for special consideration. While it is true that your personal medical information is private, we do have to have some form of documentation stating that you absolutely need this service.

PLEASE NOTE: poor vision is not enough to grant you a Blue Badge; if that were the case, anyone who wears glasses would qualify for this program.

Documentation MUST be received no later than February 15th, 2024, in order to qualify for this program.

If a class is listed only in Spanish, what does that mean?
At this time, it means that this class will ONLY be taught in Spanish, without any expectation of a translator. So if you decide to take this class session, you should understand that English will not be the language of choice here.

We know that some manufacturers may be including a translator with their instructor. We will update the schedule when we know more about this. But historically, students often note that translated classes run slower because of the added time required to translate.

How will we know which classes are for beginners versus more experienced people?
FLOAT as a rule does NOT offer beginner level classes, so one should assume that each class will at least be intermediate to advanced level instruction. Delegates are encouraged to let FLOAT management know if a class they take was too basic, because instructors are supposed to be teaching under the assumption that their students have a foundational understanding already of what they are teaching.
Will class notes be handed out in each general class session?
No, because you’ll already have the notes in your Academic FLOATBook, provided to you as part of the convention registration.
Will the general classes be recorded?
Ten (10) of the FLOAT 2024 general class sessions will be recorded for the ALOFT streaming service. The ten classes recorded will be selected by the delegates enrolled at FLOAT in January 2024.
Will I be able to purchase the classes being recorded at FLOAT, even if I do not go to FLOAT?
Yes. These videos will also be available through BalloonDVDs.com as digital downloads starting in July 2024 at a cost of $50 per class. If you are a member of the ALOFT streaming service, they will be available for unlimited streaming starting in January 2025 with your premium membership.
How do I get a full color version of the Academic FLOATBook?

You were asked when you registered if you wanted to upgrade your FLOATbook, which contains all the class notes for all the general classes at the convention. If you would like to upgrade into a full color version, the cost is $65. Email [email protected] if you would like to make this change.

Can I purchase the Academic FLOATBook and not attend FLOAT?
No. The Academic FLOATBook is only intended for those who made the commitment to attend the convention.
How are Master Classes different from General Classes at FLOAT?
Master classes are four (4) hours long as opposed to the ninety (90) minute sessions of the general classes, so Master classes have a tendency to be more in-depth. In addition, many of them tend to be hands-on as well, where as this is not always possible in the general class sessions with a couple of hundred people.
How many Master classes are being offered at FLOAT, and how much do Master Classes cost?
There are a total of six (6) Master classes being offered at FLOAT, with one session of two classes offered on the afternoon of Saturday, March 9th, two classes offered on the morning of Sunday, March 10, and two more classes offered that same afternoon.

Master classes cost $99 each if ordered before the convention, but there is the Master Class Multi-Pass available if you want to take three (3) Master classes, with one taking place in each session for $250.00. There are also limited amounts of the FLOATation Pass available as well, which gives you come and go access to all six Master classes at FLOAT.

If you enroll in a Master Class on or after March 5, 2024, then the class will cost $125 each with no option for discounted rates.

Do we get class notes with the Master classes?
Yes, black and white versions of the class notes will be handed out by the instructor at the start of each Master Class. If you are enrolled in the FLOATation Pass option, you will received a binder at check-in that will include full color versions of these class notes.
How are Bonus Classes different from General Classes at FLOAT?
Bonus classes are very much like general classes at FLOAT. The only difference is they are being offered by general attendees at the convention who are teaching just one class as opposed to multiple subjects. These classes are offered on Wednesday, March 13, at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, after the general sessions have ended.
How many Bonus Classes are offered at FLOAT, and how much do they cost?
There will be as many as eight (8) Bonus classes offered at FLOAT, and they cost $25 in advance and $35 after March 5, 2024.

The only discounted option for Bonus classes is once again through the FLOATation Pass, in which you will receive free come and go access to all of these classes.

Do we get class notes with the Bonus classes?
Yes, black and white versions of the class notes will be handed out by the instructor at the start of each Bonus Class. If you are enrolled in the FLOATation Pass option, you will received a binder at check-in that will include full color versions of these class notes.
Can I purchase the class notes from other added value classes I cannot attend?
The only way you can do this is to be fully registered for that class. So for example, if you are going to miss the Saturday Master Classes due to travel issues, but still want the notes from one of those classes, you will need to enroll in the class in order to get the notes, regardless of whether or not you can attend.
Can I apply to be a Master or Bonus Class instructor?
Master class instructors have already been selected for the 2024 FLOAT Convention, but we will be taking applications for Bonus Class instructors starting on October 15, 2023. In order to offer a Bonus class at FLOAT, you must be fully registered for FLOAT 2024.
Can I enroll in Master Classes or Bonus Classes and not come to FLOAT?
No. Added value classes are intended exclusively as benefits for those who are attending FLOAT 2024. So you must be registered for FLOAT 2024 in order to take advantage of these optional classes.
How do I enroll in Master or Bonus Classes?
Once you are registered for the convention, check your “FLOAT Notes” email series for the link to sign up for these classes.
What happens if I purchase added value classes and then have to cancel my registration to FLOAT?
Then you will be fully refunded for your added value purchases. Cancellation policies only apply to the registration costs and not to added value elements at FLOAT.

Questions about the FLOATation Pass

What exactly is the FLOATation Pass?
The FLOATation Pass is like an all-access VIP pass to all of FLOAT’s added value options, plus it includes a few other benefits not available to everyone else attending the convention.
Does the FLOATation Pass include registration to FLOAT?
No. The fee for the FLOATation Pass does not include your general registration to the convention. It is only for those added value options and not for what’s already included.
What’s included with the FLOATation Pass?

With the FLOATation Pass, you get the following:

  • Unlimited come and go access to all six (6) of FLOAT’s Master Classes
  • Unlimited come and go access to all eight (8) of FLOAT’s Bonus Classes
  • Full color class notes of both the Academic FLOATBook AND the Added Value Classes
  • Free access to all ten (10) digital downloads of the classes being recorded at FLOAT 2024
  • Six (6) drink tickets, two (2) for Opening Night, two (2) for the Beach Party and two (2) for the Designer Awards Gala
  • A surprise gift from FLOAT
  • Guaranteed access to the general classes of your choice at FLOAT, meaning you can skip the daily ticket line
How much is the FLOATation Pass?
The price for the FLOATation Pass is $650.00. Considering that if you add everything up on this list, not even including the stress-free value of the ticket line, it comes to over $1000.00 on it’s own. So you can see it’s a discount of about 40% off the price.
How many FLOATation Passes are available?
We initially offer twenty five (25) FLOATation Passes. Once they are sold out, they are gone.
Will there be a waiting list for FLOATation Passes if they sell out?

No, there will not be. If one becomes available, we will relist the item on the registration link and it will be first come first served. For far too many years, we have created waiting lists, only to go ten or fifteen people down the list before we get to someone who was actually serious about purchasing the pass.

Can I enroll in the FLOATation Pass and not be registered for FLOAT?
No. FLOATation Passes are only available to those registered to attend the 2024 convention.
Are there any discounts available for the FLOATation Pass?
The FLOATation Pass already offers you a $400 discount on the goods and services provided with the pass, to say nothing of the intangible value of skipping the ticket line at FLOAT. So no, there are no added discounts available on the FLOATation Pass.
What happens if I have to cancel my registration to FLOAT and I purchased this pass?
Then you will be fully refunded for your added value purchases. Cancellation policies only apply to the registration costs and not to added value elements at FLOAT.

Questions about Competitions at FLOAT

Which competitions at FLOAT are part of the Designer of the Year series?

FLOAT features five (5) different live competitions that are part of the Designer of the Year series:

  • Sculpture
  • Entrance Decor
  • Table Centerpiece (Live)
  • Foil Design
  • Organic Decor

You must compete in at least three (3) of these live competitions in order to be eligible for the Designer of the Year Award.

What other competitions are held at FLOAT?

In addition to our live competitions, FLOAT also offers four (4) different deadline competitions. Unlike the live competitions which must be built in front of the competition director during a set time line, the deadline competitions are merely contests where you must submit an entry before a specific assigned time.

Those competitions are:

  • Hanging Decor
  • Mosaic Design
  • Delivery Piece
  • Table Centerpiece (Deadline)
What are the FLOATEEs?
The FLOATEEs are a series of photo submission contests offered by FLOAT leading up to the convention. No actual construction of entries takes place in front of any judges or delegates, nor is voted on by any delegates at the convention. These are just photos of your previous work that qualify for one or more of thirty two (32) different categories.
When will the themes for the different Designer of the Year competitions be formally announced?
Formal announcements of all competition themes will take place on Sunday, November 12, 2023
When can we sign up for the different competitions at FLOAT?
If you wish to enter the Designer of the Year competition, you will have from November 15 to November 21, 2023, for your best chance to be eligible. If you are hoping to enter just a random Designer of the Year competition without hope of being the DOTY, then whatever spots are left are then open for others to take.

Deadline competitions do not require pre-enrollment; you just show up with your entry during the designated times. Check the competition schedule for that information.

FLOATEE submissions start on January 2 and end on February 2, 2024.

Are there limits to how many people can enter?
Yes. Due to the size of our host hotel, competitions are currently limited to only ten (10) entries in each of the Designer of the Year events. Deadline competitions historically do not have limits, and the FLOATEEs have no such restrictions.
Can you enter more than one entry in a given competition?
In live or deadline competitions at FLOAT, no, you are only allowed one entry per competitor. In the FLOATEEs, however, there are no limits to the number of entries you can submit.
Is there a cost to compete at FLOAT?
Yes. If you wish to enter the Designer of the Year series, there is a $250 deposit required. If you wish to enter any random Designer of the Year competition but not be eligible for the DOTY title, then the cost is a $50 deposit per competition. Yes, you do get this money back after the competition has ended as long as the competition director has determined that you completed the task and submitted what could be considered a viable entry.

The FLOATEE awards cost between $3 and $7 per entry, depending on when you enter the competition. And yes, it’s for each entry in each category. So if you have a photo that you want to submit in multiple categories, you would have to pay each entry fee for each category, even though it’s the same photo.

There are no fees to enter the deadline competitions at FLOAT because no spots are being held for you as a result of your entering.

What happens if I enter a competition and then have to withdraw?
Then yes, you lose your deposit. This also applies if we are able to find someone else to take your space. So please be serious about competing before you enter.

The same rule applies to if you withdraw because you have to cancel your registration to FLOAT 2024. Bottom line is you have taken a spot from someone else and they have now lost precious time to prepare their designs because you took the space.

How will the Designer of the Year competitions be judged?
Designer of the Year competitions at FLOAT are judged by a panel of five (5) experienced designers who specialize in the field in which they are being asked to judge. Judges score pieces between 0 and 50 points each based on four categories. The top and bottom scores are then eliminated from consideration and the three remaining scores will be the final score a piece receives.

DOTY events are also voted on by the delegates in attendance at FLOAT for a separate award called the “Delegates’ Choice Award.” However, these results have no standing on the point system for DOTY consideration.

How many people are allowed to be a on team in a live competition?

Each competition has a different allowance for crew members:

  • Sculpture – Maximum ten (10)
  • Entrance Decor – Maximum four (4)
  • Table Centerpiece (Live) – Maximum two (2)
  • Foil Design – Maximum four (4)
  • Organic Decor – Maximum four (4)

These maximum numbers include the designer as well.

Can anyone be on my team as a competitor at FLOAT?
As long as they are fully registered as an academic attendee at FLOAT 2024, yes. You are not allowed to have family members or employees of your business not registered for FLOAT on your build team.

In addition, General Class instructors, Master Class instructors, FLOAT staff members, official sponsors of FLOAT 2024 and those designated as vendors at FLOAT 2024 cannot serve as members of a build team. Bonus class instructors ARE allowed to both compete and serve on build teams, however, as they are considered academic delegates and not full instructors at the convention.

Are there prizes for the competitions?
Yes. This year FLOAT will be offering cash prizes as well as plaques for the top three (3) finishers in any design competition at FLOAT. In addition, the “Delegates’ Choice” award winner in each eligible category will receive a plaque as well, but not a cash prize.

FLOATEE award winners will receive plaques. No cash prizes are offered for FLOATEE award winners.

What are the rules for the competitions at FLOAT?
There are both general rules that cover all competitions at FLOAT as well as specific rules for each different competition. All rules for the competitions at FLOAT 2024 will be available on November 12, 2023.

Questions about Vending and Sponsoring FLOAT

How can I promote my company at FLOAT?

There are several ways left to be a sponsor at FLOAT. There are still some decor sponsorships available, as well as a few design competitions. Plus you can expand your presence at FLOAT with branding on our event shirts, taking out ads in our convention guide and more. Click here to ask us about these opportunities.

Can I still get a booth in the Vendor Showcase?
Unfortunately, the Vendor Showcase sold out in April, so no. There are no booths remaining for 2024.
Can I be involved with FLOAT and not have to attend?

Yes. FLOAT offers a digital sponsorship that allows you sponsorship credit as well as other benefits and you never have to walk in the venue. Click here to contact us about these opportunities.

When can we set up our booth at FLOAT?
You’re allowed to start setting your booth decor at 12:00 PM on Saturday, March 9th, 2024. The trade show opens exactly 24 hours later at 12:00 PM on Sunday, March 10th, so you will need to be finished by then. However, the Vendor Showcase will not be open for all 24 hours in order for you to get set, so plan accordingly.
Am I allowed to sell things at FLOAT?
YES! We highly encourage our vendors to have things to actually sell at the convention! Mind you, we understand that some of you are just there to network and market, and that’s fine too. But yes, by all means, bring your stuff to sell!
Can my product be a “FLOAT Exclusive?” In other words, can we be the only X product shown at the convention?
While we do allow brands to sponsor specific events and aspects of the convention with an expected element of exclusivity, FLOAT is about the ENTIRE balloon industry. Unlike other events, we do not offer convention wide exclusivity of any product; we feel the artists who attend deserve to be exposed to as many opportunities as possible.

Questions about the CBA Exam at FLOAT

Is the CBA Exam being offered at FLOAT 2024?
Yes, thanks to our friends at Qualatex, the CBA Exam will be held at 9:00 AM on Sunday, March 10th.
How do I sign up for the CBA Exam at FLOAT?

You will need to visit qualatex.com and visit their education page in order to begin the CBA process. FLOAT is merely hosting the testing; we have no involvement in it’s operation.

Does the CBA Exam conflict with any other activities at FLOAT?
Yes, the CBA Exam will take place at the same time as the Sunday morning Master Classes as well as the Foil Design competition. You may also experience some overlap into the Fulcrum panel discussions which are scheduled at 12:30 PM that same day.
Can I take my CBA Exam at FLOAT and not be registered for the convention?
No. You must be registered for FLOAT 2024 in order to take the exam at FLOAT. Members from Qualatex will be conferring with FLOAT management prior to the start of the convention to make sure the names scheduled to take the exam are registered for the convention. If you are not registered for FLOAT, you will be removed from the exam schedule.

Questions about FLOAT and COVID

What is FLOAT’s official policy regarding COVID-19?
The world is a very different place than it was in January 2022. Currently, the only formal policy regarding COVID-19 at FLOAT 2024 is that our attendees are asked to remain away from the general population at the convention if they feel ill or not well.
Will COVID testing be required to attend FLOAT?
Unless something dramatically goes awry with a new variant of the disease, there are no plans to require COVID testing before coming to the convention.
Will we be required to wear masks at the convention?
Barring local government mandate, there are no plans to require attendees to wear protective masks at FLOAT 2024. However, those attendees who wish to wear masks for their own protection or for the protection of others will in no way, shape or form be permitted to be subject to harassment or abuse from other delegates or attendees. Those in attendance who inflict such antagonism on other attendees at FLOAT will be asked to leave with no expectation of refund or allowance.
Will I be able to socially distance at FLOAT?
While we are asking that the back row of each classroom be reserved for those who wish to socially distance at FLOAT, we cannot enforce this policy. So we ask that all attendees at FLOAT look out for one another and provide someone that space in the back of a classroom if they wish to remain socially distant.

Questions about Packing for FLOAT

What is the weather like at FLOAT?
March in the Chicago area can be summed up in one word…cold! The Windy City earns it’s reputation in the winter months, and it’s not uncommon for roads to be icy with snow on the ground. So dress accordingly for your travel to FLOAT. Coats, hats, gloves or mittens, boots and more are recommended while you are outdoors.
What is the dress code at FLOAT?
For the most part, attendees are encouraged to dress either how they do when they are working or when they are out representing their brand. It really depends on you and your comfort level but FLOAT sees everything from shorts and jeans to suits and it’s all considered acceptable.

Now, there are some exceptions to these rules, and those are our theme events:

Opening Night – Delegates either wear lots of orange or dressed as the theme for the night (this year’s theme is rock concert, so you are invited to come in your favorite musical attire.)

Beach Party – Dress as you would to a tropical themed party. Some people attend in flowered shirts, hula skirts, and some brave souls attend in swimsuits…it’s entirely up to you.

Designer Awards Gala – Semi-formal attire AT MINIMUM is strongly suggested, and tuxedos and formals are encouraged. PLEASE do not be that person who shows up in a t-shirt and shorts…

What should I bring with me to FLOAT?
First and foremost, bring scissors or something to pop balloons or cut with. As we all know, you can never have enough popping devices around, especially if you get wrangled into striking decor!

Bring a jacket or some comfy outer layer as sometimes the classrooms can get a bit chilly. This is HIGHLY recommended if you either get cold easily or are from a normally warmer, more tropical locale.

Bring your money! Many of our vendors at FLOAT actually have items to sell, so you don’t want to find yourself going home empty handed.

Another VERY important thing to consider is bringing some kind of portable battery source to recharge your mobile phone. The same thing happens every year; people all day long scramble in classrooms to find available outlets. Save yourself the grief and bring your battery backup.

Do you have other questions for us we did not cover here?
Email us at [email protected] for more assistance.