The 2024 FLOAT Halloween Workshop

“The Cauldron Conundrum”

T’was a dank spooky night in the Forest of Doom
And the air quite strangled with fog
Yet amongst the mysterious stillness of gloom
Two figures emerged from the bog

One of them tall and incredibly thin,
The other quite thick and compressed
And most of their notably green colored skin
Were hidden in cloaks they were dressed.

The two fluttered through the darkness with ease
Despite all the thorny thick switches
And as they drew near with their scent on the breeze
It became clear that these two were witches…

And when these two witches with plans of madness and mayhem discover they only have one cauldron between them, what is a girl to do? Well, not only will you find out, but you’ll help bring this vision to life at the FLOAT Halloween Workshop!

Yes, the annual hands-on class returns to Lubbock, Texas, but this time with a malicious motif! And with the incredible talents of Edward Munoz and Jason Secoda leading the team, this is one event you won’t soon forget.

What’s in the Class?

Alternating Square Pack Wall Designs
Column Sculpting
Human Figure Sculpting with Non-Rounds
Distortion Effects
Organic Applications
and more

Your Registration Includes

  • Two-day practical hands-on and lecture learning opportunities
  • A third bonus hands-on prep day for those who can come in early
  • Class notes on all designs
  •  Group dinner on Tuesday, September 17th
  • The FLOAT Welcome Tote
  • Some spooky surprises along the way…

Special thanks to our friends at burton + BURTON and Betallic for their support of our workshop.


  • $650.00 per student or or before August 1st, 2024
  • $750.00 per student after August 1st, 2024

ALOFT MEMBERS: Save $50 off the price of the workshop with your exclusive coupon code!


DoubleTree by Hilton
505 Avenue Q
Lubbock, Texas 79401

Discount room rates available to all students before August 10th, 2024
Discount airfare through Southwest Airlines, available to all students once registered