FLOAT 2024 Bonus Classes

Just when you thought the academics for FLOAT were over, six talented attendees have stepped up for even MORE classes to take before the Designer Awards Gala. These 90-minute classes offered after the General Classes have ended cost $25 each, and are sure to contain all kinds of juicy nuggets for your business to succeed even further.
Bringin’ the Heat – The Hot Wire Tool
with Allison Dunning, CBA
Wednesday, March 13 – 1:00 PM
Nothing works better for cutting foam board and foam products like the hot wire tool does, and in this class, Allison is going to show you how it’s done! You won’t believe how much faster and more accurately you can cut and carve foam with this amazing gadget. After spending time with Allison in this class, you too will be comin’ in hot on your next project!

Fabulous Foil Walls
with Amanda Bruce, CBA
Wednesday, March 13 – 3:00 PM

Most people can do latex based walls and backdrops easily enough these days, but very few can do it effectively with foils. That’s where Amanda comes in with her mad mylar skills! Join her for this 90 minute bonus class where you will see from the ground up how to create a dynamic and CLEAN foil balloon wall for any occasion.

Foundational Framing
with Steve Paynter, CBA
Wednesday, March 13 – 1:00 PM

In this class, you will learn how to make inexpensive bases used with columns, arches and other structures of the balloon world. Whether you prefer PVC or conduit, Steve will show you ways to expand your offerings through rigidity. Whether you’ve been doing balloons for five minutes or fifty years, there’s a nugget or two for you in this class!

A Guide to Decor Adjacent Rentals
with Stacie Chase
Wednesday, March 13 – 3:00 PM

Props, backdrops and more…add-on items that you can purchase, rent to clients and reuse over and over again mean increased profitability to your business. Why just be a balloon business when you can be an EVENT COMPANY! Whether you want to add one or two items or need a warehouse to hold all your new offerings, this class is a MUST for you!

Mystery-Free Beaded Balloons
with Kathy Cassebarth
Wednesday, March 13 – 3:00 PM

When it comes to beaded balloons, don’t sweat it, PUT a HOLE THRU IT! Build up your confidence and learn how to put a solid pole THROUGH THE MIDDLE of a spherical balloons.! With this technique, you’ll create better looking ice creams, cuter snowmen, hot air balloons and more!

Titular Tablescapes
with Julie Cylla, CBA
Wednesday, March 13 – 1:00 PM

Everyone sets a table…but so few of them can turn it into a work of art! Join Julie Cylla, CBA, as she shows you how to do just that! With flowing fabrics, adorable accents and yes, bodacious balloons, you’ll be turning a meal into a truly amazing and memorable experience.

All Bonus Classes are considered added value options. Pre-enrollment costs are $25 per class and $35 per class after February 20th, 2024. After February 16th, classes may only be added in-person at the Registration Desk at FLOAT 2024. Access to Bonus Classes are free for those who purchased the FLOATation Pass.