FLOAT 2022's Master Classes


Classes are reserved only for in-person convention attendees and will not be made available as virtual offerings.

Seating in each class is limited due to COVID safety protocols. Enrollment capacity is listed with each description.

Saturday, January 22 - 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

All Master Classes are $99.00 US each and ONLY available to in-person attendees of FLOAT 2022.

Profitable Organic Design

Gaby Rivera and Gaby Gonzalez, CBAs

Seating Capacity – 150

Organic balloon installations continue to be the most searched decor for all types of events. Based in Southern California, Gaby’s Balloons has been selling organic balloon designs every weekend since balloon garlands were created in 2016.

After years of experience Gaby has been able to master a way to make organics swiftly and maximize profits. Their method has allowed them to finish balloon set-up in under 30 minutes allowing time for more events.

In this class you will learn: – Tips and techniques to create Organic designs such as Balloon walls, garland designs, and organic arches. – Different installation methods for secure indoors and outdoor decorations. So sign up and take with you ways to maximize profit and increase productivity in your company.

The Business of Running a Successful Business

Jill Shortreed, CBA

Seated Capacity – 65

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a retail balloon shop? If you are thinking, should I open a shop? Or maybe you are contemplating throwing in the towel, just burnt-out and want to know what to do next? Then this Master Class is for you!

Broken down into easy to manage segments, from starting out to growing your business to planning your exit strategy. We will cover topics such as staffing, hiring and outsourcing for success, organization and inventory management, how to maximize your sales and increase your profits and more.

Sunday, January 23 - 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The Grand Balloon Tour – “LOVE Letters”

Matt Lewis and Stuart Davies, CBAs

Seating Capacity – 65

The fun and informative duo of Matt Lewis and Stuart Davies “cross the pond” back into America for the first part of their “Grand Balloon Tour” format style class at FLOAT 2022.

In their first session, Matt and Stuart will teach you how to create your own dynamic organic framed “LOVE” letters using simple materials you can find at any local hardware store. Relatively low cost, high profit pieces that will sure to delight your clients and bring lots of revenue to your business.

Marquees that Make You MONEY!

Rozzia and Shannon Lambert, CBAs

Seating Capacity – 60

COVID brought on many challenges for our industry. Like many of you, the Lamberts had to learn the hard way that balloon businesses weren’t necessarily considered “essential”.

But COVID birthed the era of celebration drive-bys, and balloon marquees (or what they like to call “Lawn Centerpieces”) became a huge hit. In this class, you’ll learn how to create your own marquee that WILL MAKE YOU MONEY and won’t take all day long to make:

  • How to Tell a Story with Your Design
  • Best Materials to use
  • Adhesive Hacks
  • Customization to Increase Profits
  • Tricks and Tips to add To The Perceived Value

You’ll leave this class with the confidence of being able to create endless marquee designs for any occasion!

Sunday, January 23 - 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

The Grand Balloon Tour – “Totally Tubular” …Lettering

Matt Lewis and Stuart Davies, CBAs

Seating Capacity – SOLD OUT

In this second portion of Matt and Stuart’s “Grand Balloon Tour” you’ll create impactive focal points with scriptive lettering, using microbore tubing to create flowing freestyle lettering any font in any size.

Great for replicating logos and brand names as well as high profile customer events such as Baby Showers, 1st Birthdays and other Milestone events.

In this class, they will be demonstrating how to take a simple visual image from the screen to production to any scale required. The scriptive lettering, using simple but uniquely augmented garland techniques, enables changing of sizes and widths to create flowing deep curves.

To finish the focal point, we will add this large-scale lettering to a speed built organic wall, the focus being the detail in the lettering constrasting against the simple but fast to make organic style wall.

Make Your Social Media Work for You

Joshua Dirks

Seating Capacity – 60

Do you feel like social media is just a bunch of hot air? That the more you try the less you get? Well, this session is for you.

Josh Dirks has been on the bleeding edge of social media for the past 12 years and worked with some of the biggest brands and events in the US and beyond. In this session, Josh will be talking about the importance of social media, how to build a strategy that garners results, and tips and tricks even if you’re a one person operation.

In this session Josh will cover:

  • The importance of Social Media
  • How to create a Social Media Strategy that you can execute weekly
  • Ways to build your ideal audience
  • Leveraging paid Social Media
  • Creating influencers and ambassadors from your current customers
  • Understanding Social Media data
  • In-depth Q&A
  • Guaranteed to walk away with executable actionable steps

While you never want your work to pop, Josh will help you understand how to make your social media presence not only pop but blow up. Come for the fun and leave with tons of actionable ideas, guaranteed.